European researchers

The “Alexander IV” Institute is composed of young European researchers of different fields: science and humanities, that decided to integrate their different skills to work, comprehensively and effectively, in the various plans coordinated by the Institute, through a job that was at the same time differentiated and synergistic. This spirit of unity and sharing is the basic essence of the “Alexander IV” Institute.

The network of researchers is continually expanding, providing exchanges and assistance, even with supranational entities, public and private institutions, associations and organizations – such as, local authorities, museums, universities, research institutes, among others – in order to enrich each research initiative, and develop and promote the scientific, cultural and social aspects of the Institute.

The Institute’s network is thus conceived as a necessary instrument for the exchange of ideas, to share and develop projects, undertake studies and disseminate the results of research, facilitating the integration of young researchers within the European Union.