The Alexander IV Institute is a recently born reality, which in a short period of time has already established a solid basis for the concrete development of an innovative research center, with European vocation.

The projects started were all born from an equal trace, its leader project “Pope Alexander IV”. These projects are mainly being directed towards the historic–cultural fields, and they only represent the beginning of our journey.

The missions of the “Alexander IV” Institute are multiple, and they all point towards the same final objective: to encourage new methods and new channels of investigation that are capable of including within its structure, the best resources within European research, towards all the fields of study.


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1. Enhance and promote historical and archaeological, artistic and cultural potentials, as well as touristic, environmental, scientific, social and economic capacities, through the development and creation of research projects and education, designed to operate in a European and international landscape.

2. Disseminate the results of the work and research carried out by the Institute and from its external partners in different fields of study.

3. Acquire specific skills in the areas of activities of the Institute that can be made available for public and private entities.

4. Develop through this work, a system of collaboration and integration between young European and international researchers.

5. Encourage cultural exchanges and support the spirit of friendship, solidarity and volunteering within the European community.