Needs analysis

In Europe’s political and historic-cultural context today, there is the consistent need to encourage the work of young researchers, promoting every aspect of their identity and promoting mobility and exchange.

The “Alexander IV” Institute was created precisely for the desire to meet these needs, serving as a kind of “European Assembly” for international exchange and dialogue between young volunteers: a meeting place that promotes the creation of new knowledge with meticulous coordination of several studies, some already active and others in a development phase.

This Institute involves the creation of research projects with a European identity. This includes the study of historical figures like International Pope Alexander IV, or research focused on artistic-historical assets recognized at a European level, such as the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence, etc.

The Project is proposed as a model of understanding and ultimately of social and cultural integration, creating a European network of contacts and partnerships that foster a shared sense of the value and importance of scientific research.